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For the Insanity of it all!

“Created for the brotherhood of Salt, Sugar & Grease.”…from the immortal words of Sir Kindig one of the the first Jedi Knights of the Mike’s Place Round Table


Mike's New Book!


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A Small Community Takes the Ultimate Stand for Real Freedom…

Mitch started his writing career with big dreams, but he’s settled into an empty life of one-night stands, late nights at the bar, and failed ambitions. His latest assignment seems like a dead end: he’s been assigned to Macbeth, a tight-knit island community off the coast of Massachusetts, where the quaint down-home values of Norman Rockwell and Mayberry still hold sway. But this little piece of paradise isn’t immune to the modern world, and Mitch finds himself caught up in the unthinkable: Macbeth, lacking support from the mainland, yet not allowed to govern itself, secedes from Massachusetts. The consequences of this decision are far-reaching, as a small community shakes the foundation of the United States, facing a bloody battle they would never have chosen…and their spokesman becomes Mitch, the journalist who learns that he is not the man he thought he was, as he becomes more enmeshed in the life of the islanders, and discovers what love really is. A modern-day epic about the ways in which war impacts real people, The Island of Macbeth is a thought-provoking, inventive novel that will challenge and entertain you.




 Island of Macbeth by Mike Kostensky

The Mighty Stu-A-Nator

Are you man or woman enough to take the challenge?

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Eat the WHOLE THING in 30 minutes or less & get your pic on the wall and a shirt! What a thought to have as they carry you away on a stretcher!

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